Tuesday, August 31, 2004

A Little About Me...

Just a little about myself. My name is Jay. I have three kids, Brooke (9), Madison (4), and James (8mo). My wife's name is Jamie. I live in beautiful Sacramento California... I am an Allison Transmission Technician with Stewart & Stevenson in W. Sac. I love my work, it's challenging and keeps me on my toes. I've got the same laundry list of problems as everyone else I guess... Bills, raising the kids, work, more bills, etc... but all in all, life's treated me pretty fairly. I am a former United States Marine. (29 Palms, Ca) I have to say, I miss the Corps very much. We won't go into why I left, but I'll say it involved the ex-wife... enough said. That's about it. I'm a simple man with a simple life. nothing fancy or exciting.